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disney princess 。


for lntellectual (my almost birthday twin!) ll inspiration


The color is so VIVID!



How does that happen!? ^_^; ~_~;

microwave oven….?

Wendy + Blue
Happiness MV: Joy and her bicycle.


Is it only me or are they like twins from different games and different companies. I mean look at them. Smooth brown hair, devilishy smiles, eyes of perverts


Todo Masaya // My Sweet Proposal

OMG he’s pretty!!!


my brain draws better anime characters than I do



I made a beautiful thing for the voltage fandom. Depression is a terrible thing and although it’s hard to get rid of I hope this can help anyone who is feeling down. Because the Sirius pirates are protecting you and don’t you forget it!

These are wonderful.


At least they have each other…


To thank all of my lovely and sweet friends and followers I am doing my first ever giveaway! 

First thing’s first there are some 


  1. No giveaway blogs. I WILL BE CHECKING
  2. Likes and reblogs will count, but please don’t spam your followers :)
  3. You must be willing to share your shipping info with me. I promise once it has been input into the proper channels it will be wiped from my memory :) 
  4. In particular cases, I would like you to be over 18 due to the nature of my art, but we can discuss that if you win and are below that age. 

And now, for the prizes~

  1. First place: You will get to choose Any print from my shop (if I don’t have a favorite of yours there don’t worry, I will gladly put it up) as well as a Pillow OR Tote OR Phone case of your choice. Along with a $20 Itunes/ Google play gift card
  2. Second Place: You will get to choose Any Print from my shop (Same thing applies from above) OR a Pillow/Tote/Phone cover from my shop, as well as a $15 Itunes/Google play card
  3. Third Place: You will get a lovely $15 itunes/google play giftcard, and an ehug from me :) 

The giveaway will close on Aug, 20th at 12:00 am. For my dear friends in countries that my silly print shop doesn’t ship to, I will be ordering your goods and shipping them myself, so do don’t fret, you will still be eligible to enter (´ω`) Thank you guys for being so AWESOME!